What is Verkosto?

Verkosto is a community of Christians within the Lutheran church and home congregation for many people living in the capital region.

Verkosto is based in the Church of Munkkiniemi (Tiilipolku 6, Helsinki) where we have services on sundays at 17:00 and many smaller groups and gatherings during the week. We have also a sunday service in the Church of Pihlajanmäki (Liusketie 1, Helsinki) at 11:00.

The community is built around Sunday service, small communities and connect groups. Relationship with God and other people is at the heart of Verkosto as is sharing life’s joys and sorrows.

Verkosto relies on voluntary donations.

Our values

  • Searching for God’s will: Jesus is at the very core of Verkosto. Together we search for God’s will in our community, in our own lives and wider society by praying, worshiping and reading the Bible. Fuelled by God’s love we share the gospel of Jesus at every given opportunity. Healthy and safe use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is given space.
  • You are one-of-a-kind: Every person is precious and unique. Everyone serving in Verkosto is valued equally. Verkosto’s leadership team includes several volunteers and taking responsibility is encouraged.
  • Trustworthy actions: Verkosto’s actions and teaching is graceful and well planned. All activities are planned well ahead and come under regular reviews. We act within the Lutheran confession.
  • Real connection: We share the joys and sorrows of our everyday lives. We are not a community of perfect people. We aim to stay true to ourselves in all areas of our lives. We allow space for showing vulnerability. We show respect to everyone we meet as well as to our Verkosto community. We solve problems and disagreements by facing them openly and by including everybody affected. We try our best to find constructive solutions.

Why do we exist?

We all have one life on the face of this earth. We must ensure that we live it to the full! The most important thing in life is our relationships with others. We cannot live our lives isolated from everyone around us. In Verkosto we think that a good life – which is not the same as an easy life – centres around three relationships. These relationships are the base for our three guiding principles.



  1. Up, encountering God – Relationship with God, Father, gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand who we truly are. God is always closer than you think and better than we imagine. This we know, as in Jesus Christ we can see what Father is like. Encountering God changes you from the inside out and creates possibilities in every moment and every situation you face.
  2. In, friendship – Relationship with other Christians moulds and refines us and strengthens us to live a life that we were originally created for. Within our relationship with other Christians we can learn loving each other – something Jesus commanded us to do. We hope that all that we do in Verkosto is based on friendship and trust.
  3. Out, serving others – Relationship with those close to you. Every one of us is called to love our neighbour. Your family, colleague, shop assistant, person next to you in the underground – they all need encouragement. Everyone needs someone who cares and someone who will stand by them come what may. What if we could be that someone to those around us? Could you be the answer to someone’s sigh?